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New Anatomy Jewelry from Dr. Ventura

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For over a decade I've been involved in 3D anatomy projects to create images for use in my software, educational videos and posters and charts. During that time I've accumulated one of the largest 3D anatomy model libraries in the world.

Recently you may have heard news about a new technology, 3D Printing. Using this technology you can create a physical object from a 3D file. The new line of jewelry I have created starts with this process. Using one of my 3D models a 3D printer creates a physical object of the model. From that point on, the process follows a more traditional approach to jewelry making. The object is covered in plaster, heated, the plastic object melts away leaving a mold of the object.

The mold is then filled with the metal of choice and hand finished.

The results are spectacular. I have several versions of an Atlas vertebra available as a pendant, and soon to be offered as a bracelet as well. These will be followed by other objects inspired by professions such as Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

I invite you to look at these new items and let me know what you think.


Joe V.


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