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Brochure Pro 3 Software

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Product Description

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Print 87 professionally designed chiropractic brochures right from your PC.

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 We hired the best editors and medical illustrators in the world to help us design Brochure Pro, the ultimate Chiropractic brochure generating system.

For this very low, one time fee, you can print an unlimited number of brochures. Imagine printing what you need when you need it, right from your own computer. It's true, and it's only a mouse click away. 

Here are the topics

001 What is Chiropractic?
002 Chiropractic Fundamentals
003 Chiropractic Care for Back Pain
004 U.S. Government Panel recommends Manipulation for Back Pain
005 Sudden Back And Neck Pain From Microtraumas
006 Avoiding Back Trouble
007 Pain From Abnormal Spinal Curves
008 What Is A "Slipped Disc"
009 "Slipped" Sacroiliac Joints Need Expert Care
010 Untreated Neck Problems Tend To Get Worse
011 Whiplash Injury Needs Chiropractic Care
012 Treating Chronic Headaches-Without Pills
013 Treating Migraine Misery
014 How Long Will It Take To Heal?
015 Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care
016 Get Chiropractic Care Fast For injuries
017 Seven Levels Of Injury Chiropractors Treat
018 Untreated Minor Overuse Injuries Can Become Major
019 Overuse Injuries From Exercise
020 Computer Operators Risk Carpal Tunnel
021 Chiropractic Offers Hope for CTS
022 Get Early Help For Sciatica
023 Minimum Six Years Of College To Become A Chiropractor
024 Learning To Relax  Through Chiropractic Care
025 A Powerful Combination: Nutrition With Chiropractic
026 Keeping Your Master System Healthy
027 Tired Of Living With Chronic Low Back Pain?
028 Getting Pain Relief At The Source
029 Correct Lifting Protects Your Back
030 Auto Accident Document
031 Tailor Your Exrcise For Your Body's Needs
032 Many Turning to Chiropractic
033 Results and Word of Mouth Built Chiropractic:Will You Help?
034 Care of Constipation Without Laxatives
035 Walking Your Way To Fitness
036 Chiropractic Prescription: A Healthy Nervous System
037 Stomach Exercises Help Prevent Back Pain
038 The Importance of Good Posture
039 Bad Matresses Produce Bad Backs
040 Chiropractic Exams for Baby!
041 High Blood Pressure-The Silent Killer
042 Where Nerves Go, What They Do and the Doctor of Chiropractic
043 How Pinched Nerves Can Affect You
044 Give Shoulder Pain Chiropractic Care
045 Bursitis Often Needs Chiropractic Care
046 The Amazing Discovery of Chiropractic
047 Six Basic Health Rules Include Chiropractic
048 Six Foolish Reasons NOT To Get Chiropractic Care
049 Try Chiropractic First
050 The Broad Scope of Chiropractic
051 Arthritis: The Creeping Crippler
052 The Good Patient's Advantage-Why It Pays Off
053 Examination By Touch
054 Falls Are Bad News
055 Sound Digestion Requires Sound Nerves
056 Dizziness: Must You Learn To Live With It?
057 Peptic Ulcers and Chiropractic Care
058 Chiropractic Boosters Tell It Like It Is
059 Sinusitis and Chiropractic Care
060 Body's Warnings Demand Chiropractic Attention
061 Can't Sleep? Try Chiropractic
062 Asthma and Chiropractic Care
063 Many Seniors Trust In Chiropractic Care
064 7 Point Plan Includes Chiropractic
065 Spinal Weakness? Get Chiropractic Care
066 Chiropractic Tune-ups Boost Your Health
067 Chiropractors Win In Court Over Medical Establishment
068 Chiropractic Proof
069 Detecting Scoliosis In Children
070 X-Ray Pictures Help Diagnose Patient's Problems
071 Basic Back Pain Prevention Tips
072 Carpal Tunnel, Double Crush, deQuervain's Disease and Tendonitis
073 Hip Joint and Knee Joint Replacement
074 Osteoporosis
075 Rotator Cuff Injury
076 Myofascial Pain Syndrome
077 TMJ Pain
078 Scoliosis
079 Back To School Check-up
080 Backpack Safety for Kids
081 Quick Tips for Backpack Safety
082 Kids Overloaded Backpacks May Cause Pain
083 Forward Head Posture and Its Damaging Effects on Your Spine
084 Safety of the Chiropractic Adjustment
085 Posture is a Window to the Spine
086 Why Does This Man Have A Bowling Ball On His Head?

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Chiropractic Brochures on Demand (08:34)
Brochure Pro is unique software that allows you to print an unlimited number of brochures on your own printer. Save thousands of dollars over the cost of regular printing.
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    Brochure Pro is unique software that allows you to print an un...

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