Movie #1 is Education or ChiroQuarium  Blu ray & HiDef DVD

This wide format movie turns your flat screen TV into an amazing and effective learning center. The background action takes place in an undersea coral reef. Colorful tropical fish move in and out of the scene. Your attention is captured as you watch the ever changing environment and the undersea life that inhabits it.

While that is happening in the background, chiropractic and general health messages are played in the foreground. Every 20 seconds a different message will fade in and out. 100 messages in all. The movie contains 45 minutes of constantly changing motion and messages. It loops for continuous play throughout the day or can be set to play as part of a looping trio of movies.

The motion of the undersea world is very engaging and the education information will stimulate referrals and interest in other services you have to offer your patients.

Why an Aquarium? Visual Relaxation

For the visual stimulation we chose a specially designed aquarium, inhabited by some very special tropical fish. Research has proven that watching brightly colored fish swimming in a tank has the ability to produce an alpha brainwave, relaxation state. It is in this state that a patient is most receptive to information. The ChiroQuarium fish move in a specially timed "underwater dance" that both engages and soothes. As the viewer focuses on the movement of the fish, and the changes in the light, outside worries begin to slip away and the brain becomes more receptive to information.

On Screen Patient Education

The purpose of ChiroQuarium,  is the education and relaxation of the Chiropractic Patient.

To the rhythmic movements of the fish we have added 100 different phrases that appear on the screen to motivate patients in a positive manner.

There is 10-20 seconds of nothing but moving fish, followed by 10-20 seconds of text messages on the screen. A typical phrase goes like this: "Headaches are not caused by a deficiency of aspirin. Tell your doctor about your headaches."


The movie is also suitable for playing at outside events as an outstanding passive education system.