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Laser Guided Posture Grid Developed by Dr. Joe Ventura

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Another first from VenturaDesigns. Our LASER guided posture screening system lets you perform precise screenings for Forward Head Posture ANYWHERE! No Power Needed. Just show up with Our new High Performance Retractable Grid and our included LASER pen and you are ready to go.

Forward Head Posture is a major problem today. Two recent studies show that over 30% of school age children have FHP and it's getting worse each year. No school system is currently screening for FHP. Here's you chance to rectify that.

Our LASER guided system is easy, fast and accurate. A screening takes about 20 seconds.

1. Have the subject line up with the grid.

2. Shine the laser bean into the ear.

3. Have the subject step away from the grid.

4. Make note of where the laser beam falls on the grid.

Our high precision grid is comprised of 20mm squares and each major horizontal line has a precise mm measuring strip. A conversion chart is conveniently located on the chart for converting mm to inches. The system also comes with an exam for pdf file

33"x84" inside a retractable banner stand, with case.

This is the most accurate posture grid available.

Only from VenturaDesigns

Cost is $300 plus shipping, and includes our Poor Posture and the Tweet Generation pdf file.

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